Want to help me create new books? You can read my full manifesto explaining the reasons for establishing the Beta Brigade and Proof Patrol programs, but if you...

  • Want free copies of any ebook you work on
  • Want to gain editorial experience or simply want to see how the sausage is made
  • Want to help me make my books the best they can be

...then you're in the right place.

So what does this entail?

Well, when I have new books that I'm preparing for publication, I'll send an email blast to everybody who has registered to be part of either the Beta Brigade or Proof Patrol with the current stage of the manuscript attached in a variety of formats (plain text, .pdf, .doc, .ePub). Simply read the manuscript and share your feedback with me. You can (1) put comments in the .doc Word file and email it back to me, (2) annotate and return the .pdf file, or (3) compile a list of notes in a text/Word file. I'll do my best to accommodate whatever makes the process easiest for you.

So which program should you join?

The Beta Brigade sees an early, more raw version of the story and helps with the heavy, broad-strokes, developmental editing. This is where I'm looking for feedback about plot, characters, where the story bogs down, what is too confusing, inconsistencies, and continuity errors. The Proof Patrol gets a more polished version of the story and focuses on the nit-picking details of grammar, awkward prose, and spelling as well as making sure no name-changes, continuity problems, and historical/technical issues make it through to the final, published manuscript.

No book is ever going to be entirely perfect, but with more eyes on the work in progress, I hope to produce the most polished work I can. If you think you can help, sign up below. For now, you'll receive a free ebook copy (Kindle or .ePub) of the final version of any book you work on as well as my eternal gratitude. Going forward, I hope to expand the program to include greater rewards and foster more of a sense of community around my writing, but for now, we're just getting started, so get in on the ground floor!

Thanks in advance.

- M.S. Hund

If you have any questions about these programs, drop me a line at

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