The Dreambetween Symphony

The Dreambetween Symphony is a historical fantasy saga featuring dark lords and orphan girls, sorcerous songs and tragic loves. The omnibus edition collects all three novels and the companion volume. All novels are available in print and ebook formats while the omnibus and companion volume are only available in electronic form.





Zeitgeist 1919

The Great War comes to the shores of America in this alternate-historical fantasy of sorcery and technology, dragons and zombies.

Seven: The Haunted Girl of NuLo

In the Dockside warren, an orphan girl named Seven is plagued by visions and the voices in her head.


In a land of witches and demons, inquisitors and gunslingers, a young man tries to escape slavery and the curse of his innate talent.

The Pike

In a wounded superpower reduced to a tourist theme park, a revolution is brewing.


Short Fiction


November 9

Nine stories, written and edited in a single month. Free to read online.

Quinboy: A Tale of NuLo

A prequel novella to Seven: The Haunted Girl of NuLo. Enter a world of gangs, drugs, and theater to learn the origins of the Quinboys.