The Butterfly Jar & Other Tales Now Available

The Butterfly Jar & Other Tales, the fifth of six volumes of short stories and novellas that will make up The Singles Collection, is now available in ebook format (read an excerpt).

* * *

Dana isn’t sure what happened after the blast door slammed closed on the shelter, but she has a bicycle, a map, and a butterfly in a jar that will be her companion on the long, lonely road to her grandmother’s house…

In this collection of short stories, The Butterfly Jar is accompanied by four tales (Stork Is Not a Name I Love, Bale of Mars, Forgetting Leo, & The Ballad of Slaughter Rose) that skirt the line between science fiction and science fantasy, with brief detours to destinations dystopian and post-apocalyptic.


This is the fifth of six volumes to be released by M.S. Hund as part of his initial Singles Collection. Each volume’s stories will focus on roughly similar themes or genres, spanning the gamut from science fiction to fantasy to horror. Other volumes in this series include: 

  • Volume 1: A Desolation of Grass & Yesterday’s War 
  • Volume 2: The Rune Painter & Other Tales
  • Volume 3: The Sack of Gotham & Letters from Paris
  • Volume 4: A Fragile Circle & Other Tales


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