Snow Day Escapism

For those of you snow-bound on the East coast today, I've got some new words available to take your mind off the weather outside and help fend off the cabin fever. A Desolation of Grass & Yesterday's War is the first of six volumes of short stories & novellas that I'm going to release this year and contains two military science fiction tales...

  • A Desolation of Grass. Twenty-five years in the Corps and what does it get you? A patch of grass on godforsaken and storm-wracked Ablene, hoo-rah! Sergeant Jak Galine leads a band of retired Imperial Marines in pursuit of a creature that has killed one of their own and threatens their families. But are they the hunters or the hunted?

  • Yesterday’s War. Cousins Archer and Brock are farm boys from rural Kansas whose world is destroyed by rocks falling from the sky. When they enlist to fight back, they find themselves launched on a mission of revenge that involves a 300 year journey in cryogenic sleep to reach their target. But will there even be a foe waiting for them?

Available on Amazon now and coming soon to other e-booksellers near you!