It's Cover Poll Time Again!

For the first installment of the Singles Collection series, I gave you three potential covers to choose from. This time there are six on offer!

* * *

Sometime in the middle of March (possible on the Ides of March, since I'm a masochist that way) I'm going to release volume 2 of my six-part Singles Collection. It will contain three short stories: The Crow Hag's Boy, The Rune Painter, and A Shipbuilder's Prayer, though I've yet to choose which of the first two will be the featured story. Actually, you get to play your part in that as well since the winning cover will determine which of the two stories gets a call-out on the cover and which is relegated to being part of the "& Other Tales" section of the title.

So, without further ado, here are your choices! Pick the cover that appeals to you most and/or is the most intriguing. Actually, why don't you go ahead and pick as many as you like? The poll will let you choose multiple covers if you just can't decide on one. Don't forget: the watermarks will not be present in the final version and these are just rough sketches of potential covers, not the final covers themselves. If you're so inclined, you can leave constructive criticism or smack talk for your favorite cover in the comments or on the corresponding FB post. Thanks!