Compile. Review. Compile. Review

Such has been my lot over the last couple of days as I inch ever closer to having Seven ready for print with CreateSpace. I can't imagine how much worse the process would be without Scrivener, the writers who love it and share their techniques for its use, and the ever-so-helpful denizens of the forums over at Literature & Latte (the developers of Scrivener).

Still, there's a lot of painstaking detail that can't be automated away, so I've spent hours comparing fonts, font sizes, line spacing, header styles and arrangements, and murdering orphans and widows. (Not as bad as it sounds! Honest!)

But I'm closing on having the interior looking the way I want it, which means it's time for a little sneak peak at the work in progress...

Sample interior pages. Click to enlarge.

Sample interior pages showing chapter title styling. Click to enlarge.

With the interior just about wrapped up, all that's left is to rework the existing e-book cover for print and to create imagery for the spine and back cover. I've pretty much settled on the design style for the next version of the cover, but expect there to be another poll (or series of polls) to help me determine which title font is going to work best.

Stay tuned...