Paranoia, Predators & Human Sacrifice, Oh My!

A Fragile Circle & Other Tales, the fourth volume of my Singles Collection of short stories and novellas, is now available on the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo stores (links below) for 99¢. iBooks, as always, will follow in a few weeks when Apple gets around to "approving" the book.

How about a peak at the blurb and the cover?

Five short tales of dark fantasy & psychological horror from M.S. Hund, featuring… 
* A Fragile Circle. Bobby Mendes is gifted with rare intelligence and a talent for reading auras, but those abilities only serve to attract the unwelcome attention of Greg Mason and his pack of bully friends. When Bobby gets put in a “special” class at school, he learns that his new classmates have a way of protecting themselves from their tormentors. But their methods carry a cost. 
…and four other stories (Flicker, Brethren, Here There Be Monsters, and The Old Blood) that range from predators on the boardwalk to ancient rituals on backwater islands in the North Atlantic to the dubious fruits of the paranoid mind. 


A Fragile Circle & Other Tales

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