Sneak Peek at Severed Lord

Digital proofs for Song of the Severed Lord look good, and the physical proof copy of the book is on its way to my door for review! You can have a gander yourself at how things are shaping up below...

Back cover, spine, and front cover for print edition of SONG OF THE SEVERED LORD

Interior formatting for SONG OF THE SEVERED LORD showing scene title, headers, and body content

Interior formatting for SONG OF THE SEVERED LORD showing section title, header, and body content

So...why print proofs already?

Well, unlike my first novel, Seven: The Haunted Girl of NuLo, I'm going to release Song of the Severed Lord simultaneously in print and ebook, so there will be no waiting period if you prefer to read in print (a 6x9" trade paperback will be available to order from Amazon at the same time the Kindle edition goes live). The ebook version will be Kindle-exclusive for 3 months, but will be on iBooks, Kobo, and Nook as soon as that period expires.

At this point, the release date for Song of the Severed Lord isn't set in stone, but it shouldn't be later than the first two weeks of September. So mark your calendars or subscribe to my mailing list (there will be a limited-time launch price so you don't want to miss the announcement!).

(Side note to Proof Patrol members: Start your engines--you'll be getting your final digital proof versions in the next day or so!)

Given the feedback I've been receiving for this book, I'm pretty excited for the launch and to hear what you, the readers, have to say about it. Stay tuned for more information about the book and about The Dreambetween Symphony series that it is a part of...