Quinboy Launch Announcement

It's been just over a year since my debut novel, Seven: The Haunted Girl of NuLo, introduced readers to the dystopian city of NuLo. Now it's time to revisit that dying city with Quinboy: A Tale of NuLo. This new novelette explores the backstories of Tatterdan, Rapscallion, and the Quinboy gang they founded as orphan street kids.

Did you ever wonder why the Quinboys in Seven spoke in such a stilted, theatrical manner? Were you intrigued by their distinctive facial tattoos or the Harlequin motley they wore? And why were they so strong and fast? All will be revealed in Quinboy: A Tale of NuLo...

The weak don’t survive in Dockside NuLo…

And that means Danny is in trouble. An orphan recruited into a gang of street thieves, his first job ends in failure. The man he was supposed to rob lies bleeding on the pavement. His best friend is injured. Worst of all, Danny has nothing to show for his efforts, and Pipejohn, the gang boss, expects results.

Quinboy is the sordid tale of one boy’s struggle to survive. It is a story of murder and intrigue, of drugs and theater. It is a story of the terrible things the strong do to the weak, and what happens when the weak fight back.


Quinboy is available now as a free ebook for newsletter subscribers (sign up today to pick up your free copy!) and is on sale now at a variety of e-bookstores. Check out the book page for Quinboy for a complete list of markets where the story is available for the low, low price of 99¢.