Dreambetween Omnibus Sale

This week only (5/23-5/27), you can get the entire historical fantasy series, The Dreambetween Symphony, for just 99¢! The Omnibus Edition of the series features all three novels (Song of the Severed Lord, Exile Ballad, and Requiem) plus the companion volume, Preludes & Elegies. Experience this sprawling saga of dark lords and orphan girls, sorcerous songs and tragic loves today!


What readers are saying about The Dreambetween Symphony...

“Refreshingly original, exquisitely written, enchanting, beguiling and utterly worth the read.” -Jenny ten Wolde, Amazon reviewer

“M.S. Hund did it again in painting a beautiful world within the Dreambetween.” - Joanna Ogan, author of Prophecy Revealed

“Well written fantasy you feel and see coming together as you read each book.”- Fred Oakman, Amazon reviewer



Remember: the sale ends Friday, so don’t wait. Load up your Kindle for summer with four books (the entire series!) for the low, low price of 99¢!


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