Countdown Deal This Week

This week only, get two ebooks for just 99¢!

My latest novel, The Pike, a cyberpunk, dystopian thriller, will be on sale this week (Monday 8/1 through Friday 8/5) for just 99¢. Not feeling the whole military SF, cyberpunk, dystopian vibe? Then that same 99¢ will let you sample some of my work in other genres with The Singles Collection, a selection of twenty one short stories and novellas ranging from interstellar SF to urban fantasy to horror. 


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The Pike

Ben Kazmaier’s mother is in a coma, and he and his veteran father are working triple shifts at PikeCo to pay for the machines that keep her alive. When terrorists strike close to home and his mother disappears, Ben is forced to choose between his duty to his family and joining an uprising against his corporate masters. It is a decision that will tear open the wounds of the past, cause new blood to be spilled, and change life on the Pike forever. 

The Singles Collection

Twenty-one stories. Twenty-one worlds. Some are close to our own. Others are less so. It begins on the frontier colony world of Abilene, where Jak and his band of retired Imperial marines hunt for a monster that killed one of their own. It ends in an alternate-history version of early 20th century Manhattan, where young Rory Donnelly has just been assigned to the Tesla cannon batteries that protect the walls of Gotham from an impending attack by the Kaiser’s runesingers and genetic monstrosities.