Zeitgeist Teaser #2: More Characters!

In the months leading up to the release of my new novel, Zeitgeist 1919, I'm going to be posting a series of sneak peeks at the work in progress. With a tentative release date set for November and all character names and backgrounds finalized, here is the (almost) complete list of named characters that will appear in the appendices for the book... 

* * *

Dramatis Personae (Extended)


I. New York City & Environs

Rory Donnelly … A teenager who has recently enlisted as a cannoneer serving on the Tesla batteries that protect New York City.

Nora Donnelly (neé: Keane) … The pregnant sister-in-law of Rory, she is plagued by fits and visions of impending doom.

Evangeline “Eva” Donnelly … An American technomancer and Rory’s aunt, she serves as a magician-advisor to the forces defending New York City.

Eamon Donnelly … Technomancer killed in the Wardenclyffe Disaster. Father of Rory and sister of Eva.

James Donnelly … Pilot and chief of the Defense Force Air Wing. Brother to Rory and husband of Nora.

Patrick Donnelly … Eldest brother of Rory. Died fighting the Germans in Europe.

Mary Donnelly … Rory’s widowed mother. Wife of Eamon.

General Keane … American military commander and father of Nora Donnelly.

Corporal Sims … Tesla cannoneer assigned to the same battery as Rory.

Josephine “Jo” Sibley … A self-educated, mixed-race schoolteacher and occasional fortune teller. Previously a domestic servant for the Roth family.

Oscar Roth … A wealthy academic magician, more attuned to discovering magical secrets than casting spells. An affair with his family’s servant, Josephine, ended badly a dozen years ago.

Baptiste Leopold … An exiled freedom fighter and vodou practitioner of Haitian-German descent.

Edward Phelan … British spy and magician.

Violeta “Vee” Quintana … The young leader of the orphans living in the tunnels beneath the city.

Chess, Lin, Luck … Orphans who dwell in the tunnels beneath the city.

Sergeant Allen Gray … Soldier assigned to a secret base of magicians and spies along the Connecticut coast.


II. The Germans & Their Allies

Imperialer Zaubersänger Sigmund Gramlich … Chief sorcerer to the Kaiser and architect of the invasion of America.

Silke … A young German spy whose body and mind have been warped by sorcery.

Konrad von Elbing … Scion of an ancient Prussian military family and a reluctant drachenwolf rider.

Freiheit … The drachenwolf Konrad rides and is bonded to.

Bokor … A nameless and ancient Haitian sorcerer allied to the Imperialer Zaubersänger.

Stefan Lang … Kapitänleutnant in the Kaiserliche Marine and commander of the unterseeboot U-188.

Josef Lang … Infant son of Stefan Lang. Deceased, but now possibly part of the Armiya Mertvykh.

Magdalena Lang … Wife of Stefan Lang. Deceased, but now possibly part of the Armiya Mertvykh.

Brandt … Watch officer aboard the unterseeboot U-188.

Lehmann … Enlisted crewman aboard the unterseeboot U-188


III. Brennerville, Pennsylvania

George Kohlberg … An immigrant German-American technomancer haunted by the disappearance of his son and the mountain that looms over his town.

Thomas “Tommy” Kohlberg … An apprentice technomancer being trained and raised by his grandfather, George.

Jakob Kohlberg … George’s son and Tommy’s father. He disappeared when Tommy was an infant.

Delphyne … A mysterious girl living in an isolated cabin with her grandmother.

Helen Carter … Deceased wife of George Kohlberg and daughter of Abraham Carter.

Abraham “Abe” Carter … Deceased technomancer who trained George Kohlberg and later became his father-in-law.

Manfred “Fred” Keller … Schoolmate and friend of Tommy Kohlberg.


IV. Lynnwood, Vermont

August Frazier … An American magical researcher and botanist who has recently lost his wife to an accident in the woods.

Elizabeth Frazier … Deceased wife of August.

Henry “Hank” Weeks … Owner of the general store and the closest thing August has to a friend in town.

Avery Clayton … Elderly critic of August and all things magical.

Lazare Viger … A young Québécois smuggler and nationalist who suffers from hypertrichosis, resulting in most of his body being covered in thick hair.

Malone … American border guard patrolling the crossings between Canada and northern Vermont.

Gignac … French-Canadian smuggler and associate of Lazare.

Widow Laporte … Nearest neighbor to August Frazier.


V. Historical Figures

Thomas Edison … American inventor and technomancer.

Paul von Hindenburg … Former commander of the German military. Now deceased.

Kaiser Wilhelm II … Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia.

Erich Ludendorff … Current commander of the German military.

Nikola Tesla … Serbian-American inventor, scientist, and technomancer.