Zeitgeist Teaser #1: The Characters

In the months leading up to the release of my new novel, Zeitgeist 1919, I'm going to be posting a series of sneak peeks at the work in progress (currently facing the slings and arrows of the outrageous editorial process). We'll begin with the featured players in our story and the caveat that this list of characters (which will appear at the beginning of the book) only highlights the central players in the drama. The full dramatis personae that appears in the appendices for the novel has (at current count) forty eight characters! So without further ado...


Dramatis Personae

Rory Donnelly … A teenager who has recently enlisted as a cannoneer serving on the Tesla batteries that protect New York City.

Nora Donnelly, née Keane … The pregnant sister-in-law of Rory, she is plagued by fits and visions of impending doom.

Evangeline Donnelly … An American technomancer and Rory’s aunt, she serves as a magician-advisor to the forces defending New York City.

Silke … A young German spy whose body and mind have been warped by sorcery.

Konrad von Elbing … Scion of an ancient Prussian military family and a reluctant drachenwolf rider.

George Kohlberg … An immigrant German-American technomancer haunted by the disappearance of his son and the mountain that looms over his town.

Delphyne … A mysterious girl living in an isolated cabin with her grandmother on a Pennsylvania mountainside.

August Frazier … An American magical researcher and botanist who has recently lost his wife, Elizabeth, to an accident in the woods.

Lazare Viger … A young Québécois smuggler and nationalist who suffers from hypertrichosis, resulting in most of his body being covered in thick hair. 

Josephine Sibley … A self-educated, mixed-race schoolteacher and occasional fortune teller. Previously a domestic servant for the Roth family.

Oscar Roth … A wealthy academic magician, more attuned to discovering magical secrets than casting spells. An affair with his family’s servant, Josephine, ended badly a dozen years ago.

Stefan Lang … Kapitänleutnant in the Kaiserliche Marine and commander of the unterseeboot U-188. His wife and child have been lost to the Russian Armiya Mertvykh.

Baptiste Leopold … An exiled freedom fighter and vodou practitioner of Haitian-German descent.

Imperialer Zaubersänger Sigmund Gramlich … Chief sorcerer to the Kaiser and architect of the invasion of America.