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Welcome Back to the Avernine

Book 2 of my dark fantasy western series, Tales of the Avernine, is available now at finer booksellers across the web. Grab your copy of Wardsmith for just 99¢ today!

Where the cursed gun rides, blood will follow…

Former slave Ezra has escaped servitude with a damaged gun and the memories of the priest who bore it. Pursued by the ghosts of his past, he reluctantly embarks on a quest to find a wardsmith who can repair the cursed weapon before it damages the land Ezra is trying to save. Can Ezra survive gunfights, betrayals, and the machinations of an old foe, or will the journey leave him as broken as his gun?

A 6x9” trade paperback is also available for $8.99.

But what if you missed, Gunmage, book 1 in the series? Well, you could either drop another 99¢ for the book, or you could get it free (along with two other books) when you sign up for my newsletter.

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Gunmage Launch Day

My new novel, Gunmage, is now available from Amazon as a Kindle ebook or 6x9" trade paperback. Not a fan of Amazon? Gunmage will enter wider distribution to most online booksellers in the new year. Watch this space or subscribe to my mailing list to make sure you don’t miss the announcement. Special launch pricing ends soon, so...

Learn more about the book and read the first chapter and change free on the Gunmage book page.

New Release: The Pike

Enter a world of terrorist drone strikes, neural network interfaces, cyborg soldiers, and an America that isn't quite what she used to be. The Pike is a new dystopian(ish), cyberpunk(ish), coming of age, science fiction thriller, and during the release weekend (June 24-26), the Kindle ebook is available for the special launch price of $2.99 ($12.99 for paperback).

A revolution is brewing on the Pike…

Ben Kazmaier’s mother is in a coma, and he and his veteran father are working triple shifts at PikeCo to pay for the machines that keep her alive. When terrorists strike close to home and his mother disappears, Ben is forced to choose between his duty to his family and joining an uprising against his corporate masters. It is a decision that will tear open the wounds of the past, cause new blood to be spilled, and change life on the Pike forever.

The Pike is a near-future thriller set against a backdrop of terrorist drone attacks, corporate intrigue, and cyborg soldiers. It explores a dystopian vision of America as a fallen superpower that has been reduced to a tourist theme park and ruthlessly exploited by corporations and foreign interests. Sensitive readers are advised that the book contains adult and racially charged language and is intended for a mature audience.

The Dreambetween Omnibus is Here

Today is launch day for The Dreambetween Symphony: Omnibus Edition, an ebook compiling all four books that make up the Dreambetween series. For this week only (until Friday at 5pm EST), it will be available at a special launch price of 99¢ (regular retail price: $5.99). Complete your collection or experience the nearly 1000 pages of the Symphony in its entirety for under a buck! Alternatively, if you happen to be a Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime subscriber, you can borrow the book for free!

• • •

The fate of the world isn’t in Lily’s hands, but the fate of an ancient dream is…

The Dreambetween Symphony is a tale that ranges over three millennia and three continents, following a family both cursed and blessed by the power of their dreaming blood. It is a story of dark lords and orphan girls, of sorcerous songs and tragic loves. But most of all, it is the story of Lily, who must come to terms with her power to save the Dreambetween from its darkest hour.

Collected here for the first time in one omnibus edition are all four books of this historical fantasy series. Follow Lily’s journey in the novels Song of the Severed Lord, Exile Ballad, and Requiem. Then explore the world of the Dreambetween further with the companion volume Preludes & Elegies, a collection of short stories and appendices.

The Dreambetween awaits. Are you ready to surrender to its siren call?

Preludes & Elegies Launch Announcement

Were there parts of The Dreambetween Symphony that you didn't quite understand? Were there characters you wish had gotten more time to strut their stuff upon the stage? Are you still confused about how to pronounce some of those Welsh names and words?

Good news! Preludes & Elegies, the fourth and final installment in my historical and paranormal fantasy series, The Dreambetwen Symphony, is now available from finer e-book merchants across the web. For a limited time launch window, this companion e-book to the series will retail at just 99¢ before rising to its normal sales price of $2.99.

Learn more about the book (including links to buy it!), by clicking the cover image in this post or this link. In a hurry to buy? I've got the Kindle version for you right here.

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Quinboy Launch Announcement

It's been just over a year since my debut novel, Seven: The Haunted Girl of NuLo, introduced readers to the dystopian city of NuLo. Now it's time to revisit that dying city with Quinboy: A Tale of NuLo. This new novelette explores the backstories of Tatterdan, Rapscallion, and the Quinboy gang they founded as orphan street kids.

Did you ever wonder why the Quinboys in Seven spoke in such a stilted, theatrical manner? Were you intrigued by their distinctive facial tattoos or the Harlequin motley they wore? And why were they so strong and fast? All will be revealed in Quinboy: A Tale of NuLo...

The weak don’t survive in Dockside NuLo…

And that means Danny is in trouble. An orphan recruited into a gang of street thieves, his first job ends in failure. The man he was supposed to rob lies bleeding on the pavement. His best friend is injured. Worst of all, Danny has nothing to show for his efforts, and Pipejohn, the gang boss, expects results.

Quinboy is the sordid tale of one boy’s struggle to survive. It is a story of murder and intrigue, of drugs and theater. It is a story of the terrible things the strong do to the weak, and what happens when the weak fight back.


Quinboy is available now as a free ebook for newsletter subscribers (sign up today to pick up your free copy!) and is on sale now at a variety of e-bookstores. Check out the book page for Quinboy for a complete list of markets where the story is available for the low, low price of 99¢.

Requiem Launch Announcement

Requiem, the third and final novel in my historical/paranormal fantasy series The Dreambetween Symphony, is now available as a Kindle ebook and 6x9" trade paperback available from both Amazon and CreateSpace. Fancy getting your hands on a copy? Hit the buttons below and be whisked to your preferred destination. Or read on to learn more about the book...

(Haven't yet discovered this series? Start with Song of the Severed Lord. All three novels will soon be available on iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and several smaller e-booksellers. Mailing list subscribers will get the first word when those titles are available, so sign up today!)

Lily is a broken woman
Ten years ago, Lily Markart lost the ability to dream and ran away from home, abandoning the only family she had ever known. Now she has a new life and is ready to start a family. But without access to the Dreambetween, the communal dream shared by her bloodline, her body is suffering. Lily fears that she might not survive having a child, much less be able to protect that child should it be born with the dreaming talent.
Lily’s fears deepen as she hears whispers that the dream has become a more dangerous place and that an old enemy has returned to threaten it. But help from an unexpected front may enable her to return to the dream she lost and join the battle to ensure its future. For herself. For her child. And for all who possess the dreaming blood.

REQUIEM is the third part of THE DREAMBETWEEN SYMPHONY, a sprawling tale of history, romance, fantasy, and dreams that follows generations of the dreaming blood from prehistoric Britain to the modern day. It is the sequel to SONG OF THE SEVERED LORD and EXILE BALLAD.

Exile Ballad: Special Launch Sale

Exile Ballad, the second part of The Dreambetween Symphony, is now available in 6x9" trade paperback and Kindle editions (eBook also coming to Nook, iBooks, and Kobo later this year). As part of the launch of the book, I'll be running a special launch week sale on both Exile Ballad and the first book in the series, Song of the Severed Lord. Stay tuned after the blurb for details on the sales and links to get your copies of the books!

The dream continues…

A year has passed since Lily Markart’s harrowing introduction to the Dreambetween, the communal dream realm shared by the members of her bloodline. Having survived that traumatic experience, she still finds herself an outsider, both in the dream and in the waking world. Her one chance at real friendship, and perhaps something more, is Simon, a dreamer who Lily finds enchanting and dangerous in equal measure. But she is not the only one with her eye on Simon…

Exile Ballad follows the intersecting lives of three women of the dreaming blood born millennia apart. From late Iron Age Britain to occupied Poland during World War II to the modern day, these women are united by violence, isolation, and vengeance.

Launch Week Sale!

Wednesday, February 4th - Saturday, February 7th

Enjoy a special launch price for Exile Ballad, and get Song of the Severed Lord free!

The Kindle edition of Exile Ballad will be available at the special launch price of 99¢ before returning to the list price of $2.99 on Sunday, February 8th.

"But wait," I hear you say. "I didn't read the first book in the series!"

You're about to run out of excuses because the Kindle edition of Song of the Severed Lord will be available for FREE during the same time period (Feb. 4-7)!

Both titles are also available in 6x9" trade paperback through the following links and any of my print books that are purchased through Amazon allow you to download the Kindle edition for free through the Kindle Matchbook program.

Song of the Severed Lord | Exile Ballad

I hope you enjoy the books, and please don't forget to leave a review when you're done!

The Singles Collection is Now Complete

Over the course of 2014, I've released six volumes of short stories and novellas. These have been a mixture of new stories and some of my favorites that were gathering dust in the unpublished back catalog, some for as long as a dozen years. All twenty-one of those stories are now collected for the first time in one place. The Singles Collection is available in both print (6x9" paperback) and ebook formats, and would make an excellent holiday gift for that someone special on your list who doesn't mind the science fiction getting mixed up with the fantasy on their plate.

Twenty-one stories. Twenty-one worlds. Some close to our own. Others less so… 

It begins on the frontier colony world of Abilene, where Jak and his band of retired Imperial marines hunt for a monster that killed one of their own. It ends in an alternate-history version of early 20th century Manhattan, where young Rory Donnelly has just been assigned to the Tesla cannon batteries that protect the walls of Gotham from an impending attack by the Kaiser’s runesingers and genetic monstrosities. 

In these pages, M.S. Hund spins tales of short fiction that span the speculative gamut from dark fantasy and psychological horror to dystopian science fiction. Previously available in six volumes, each focused on roughly similar themes or genres, and now gathered together in one master compendium, The Singles Collection includes… 

A Desolation of Grass, The Crow Hag’s Boy, Here There Be Monsters, Forgetting Leo, The Butterfly Jar, Yesterday’s War, Bale of Mars, The Rune Painter, Flicker, A Fragile Circle, Speaker Bryn, A Shipbuilder’s Prayer, Stork Is Not a Name I Love, The Ballad of Slaughter Rose, Letters from Paris, Songbird, Brethren, The Head Washer’s Tale, The Old Blood, The Musketeer’s Prayer, The Sack of Gotham


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