The Year Gone, The Year Ahead

2015 is dead. Long live 2015!

From a writing perspective, I’ll remember it most as the year I put the finishing touches on The Dreambetween Symphony with the publication of the novels Exile Ballad and Requiem as well as the companion volume Preludes & Elegies. (Note: there is one final bow to tie on the series, but you’ll have to read on to find out what that might be…)

My other big project was the overhaul of the interior formatting and covers for my entire catalog. This meant brand new covers for all four titles in the Symphony and for my NuLo books, Seven and Quinboy (the latter being a novelette also on the list of stories published this year), as well as some gentle tweaking of the covers for The Singles Collection short story bundles.


* * *

The covers for Seven, before and after...


* * *


During the editing process for the final installments of the Symphony, I got a surprise that altered my production schedule for the rest of the year (and beyond!). Several threads merged into what I thought was the seed of a short story or novelette, which I duly banged out to the tune of 12,000 words or so. But the story always felt bigger, so I played with expanding what I had, and suddenly found myself with a new novel on my hands. Two months later, I put the finishing touches on the first draft of The Pike, a near-future, dystopian-ish, cyberpunk novel. Given how genre-distinct this book is from my existing “worlds” of the Dreambetween and NuLo, I’m not sure if I’ll publish it under a pen name or keep it in the quiver until I have a more established author brand. Of course, as is my wont, I’ve already got a rough idea for a sequel that’s begging for attention…

And that brings us to the project that closed out my writing year. November 9 was my version of NaNoWriMo, wherein I tossed all the story ideas that would have distracted me during the drafting of The Pike into a folder and used November to put the nine most interesting ideas into story form. Written, edited, and published during that month, the nine stories cover a range of genres and (...predictably, I hear you say...) caused yet another round of adjustments to my 2016 production schedule.

How so? Well, If you enjoyed the final story in that collection, a weird western entitled Lamia’s Daughter, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m in the process of expanding that setting to encompass and entire series. Tentatively titled Gunmage, the series will follow the adventures of a young man in an alternate-Earth version of the Wild West, replete with eldritch guns, fey magic, and demons. While I have several characters and storylines I’d like to explore, I’m still not sure if the series will be published as novellas or full novels. I’ll have a better idea once I begin drafting the thing in the next few months.

But before I get there I need to put the icing The Dreambetween Symphony cake. This final flourish will take the form of an omnibus ebook edition of the series that includes all three novels and the companion volume. That’s the entirety of the Symphony in one digital bundle that will be less expensive than buying the individual books. But I’m going to offer an even better deal to my mailing list (sign up here) in the form of a special launch sale. I’ll just tease that here at the end of the post and trust you to do the right (and obvious) thing…

I look forward to delivering more words to you soon!