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NuLo Books On Sale This Week

If you haven’t yet explored the seedy underbelly of the dying city called NuLo, you're in luck! All this week (9/12 - 9/16), my novel Seven is just 99¢, and the novella Quinboy is FREE.


Skirting the uncertain waters at the nexus of dystopian science fiction, urban fantasy, and cyberpunk, Seven is the story of a girl who might be psychic and might be psychotic (or maybe both!), while Quinboy is a prequel novella exploring the backstory of supporting players from Seven.

Seven: The Haunted Girl of NuLo

Seven and Pug must cross the dying city of NuLo, evading the clutches of wolves and cyber-witches, priests and madmen, in a desperate race to counteract a virus before it transforms Pug into a monster. But what lurks in Seven’s head may be the greatest monstrosity of all.

Quinboy: A Tale of NuLo

Danny is in trouble. An orphan recruited into a gang of street thieves, his first job ends in disaster. His best friend is injured, and the man he tried to rob lies bleeding on the pavement. With nothing to show for his efforts, Danny can expect only punishment from Pipejohn, the cruel gang-boss.

Countdown Deal This Week

This week only, get two ebooks for just 99¢!

My latest novel, The Pike, a cyberpunk, dystopian thriller, will be on sale this week (Monday 8/1 through Friday 8/5) for just 99¢. Not feeling the whole military SF, cyberpunk, dystopian vibe? Then that same 99¢ will let you sample some of my work in other genres with The Singles Collection, a selection of twenty one short stories and novellas ranging from interstellar SF to urban fantasy to horror. 


Don't forget: if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can borrow these books, and the rest of my work, FREE from KU today! And Amazon Prime subscribers can get one book a month (including mine!) from the Kindle Lending Library. Ready to borrow or buy? Then hit the links below...

The Pike

Ben Kazmaier’s mother is in a coma, and he and his veteran father are working triple shifts at PikeCo to pay for the machines that keep her alive. When terrorists strike close to home and his mother disappears, Ben is forced to choose between his duty to his family and joining an uprising against his corporate masters. It is a decision that will tear open the wounds of the past, cause new blood to be spilled, and change life on the Pike forever. 

The Singles Collection

Twenty-one stories. Twenty-one worlds. Some are close to our own. Others are less so. It begins on the frontier colony world of Abilene, where Jak and his band of retired Imperial marines hunt for a monster that killed one of their own. It ends in an alternate-history version of early 20th century Manhattan, where young Rory Donnelly has just been assigned to the Tesla cannon batteries that protect the walls of Gotham from an impending attack by the Kaiser’s runesingers and genetic monstrosities.

Spring into the Dreambetween

This week only, you can get the entire historical fantasy series, The Dreambetween Symphony, for under $3! With all three novels in the series on sale at 99¢ per book and the companion volume Preludes & Elegies available for free, there’s never been a better time to discover this sprawling saga of dark lords and orphan girls, sorcerous songs and tragic loves.

What readers are saying about The Dreambetween Symphony...


“Refreshingly original, exquisitely written, enchanting, beguiling and utterly worth the read.” -Jenny ten Wolde, Amazon reviewer

“M.S. Hund did it again in painting a beautiful world within the Dreambetween.” - Joanna Ogan, author of Prophecy Revealed

“Well written fantasy you feel and see coming together as you read each book.” - Fred Oakman, Amazon reviewer


Remember: the sale ends Friday, so don’t wait. Complete your collection or discover the Dreambetween for the first time today. Get the entire series of four books for under $3!


A song is calling to you from the far side of sleep. Will you answer its siren call?


Exile Ballad: Special Launch Sale

Exile Ballad, the second part of The Dreambetween Symphony, is now available in 6x9" trade paperback and Kindle editions (eBook also coming to Nook, iBooks, and Kobo later this year). As part of the launch of the book, I'll be running a special launch week sale on both Exile Ballad and the first book in the series, Song of the Severed Lord. Stay tuned after the blurb for details on the sales and links to get your copies of the books!

The dream continues…

A year has passed since Lily Markart’s harrowing introduction to the Dreambetween, the communal dream realm shared by the members of her bloodline. Having survived that traumatic experience, she still finds herself an outsider, both in the dream and in the waking world. Her one chance at real friendship, and perhaps something more, is Simon, a dreamer who Lily finds enchanting and dangerous in equal measure. But she is not the only one with her eye on Simon…

Exile Ballad follows the intersecting lives of three women of the dreaming blood born millennia apart. From late Iron Age Britain to occupied Poland during World War II to the modern day, these women are united by violence, isolation, and vengeance.

Launch Week Sale!

Wednesday, February 4th - Saturday, February 7th

Enjoy a special launch price for Exile Ballad, and get Song of the Severed Lord free!

The Kindle edition of Exile Ballad will be available at the special launch price of 99¢ before returning to the list price of $2.99 on Sunday, February 8th.

"But wait," I hear you say. "I didn't read the first book in the series!"

You're about to run out of excuses because the Kindle edition of Song of the Severed Lord will be available for FREE during the same time period (Feb. 4-7)!

Both titles are also available in 6x9" trade paperback through the following links and any of my print books that are purchased through Amazon allow you to download the Kindle edition for free through the Kindle Matchbook program.

Song of the Severed Lord | Exile Ballad

I hope you enjoy the books, and please don't forget to leave a review when you're done!

Progress Report & Sneak Peaks

Two months and two releases into the grand, self-pub adventure, let's take stock of where things stand and what's coming next in the world(s) of M.S. Hund...

* * *

This is a long game. That's what everybody's who's been in this boat and lived to tell the tale has to say about it. And it's what I tell myself. I'm pleased with how things have been going both in reader response and in sales thus far, but the real thrill of wider exposure that I'm banking on is probably years away.

And won't get here if I don't keep plugging away.

So I'm pleased to announce first that I'm 20,000 words into the first draft of my second novel, tentatively titled Song of the Severed Lord. I'm expecting this one to be longer than Seven, though not by much. Trust me, the grand epics are on the horizon, but the stories take as long as they take to tell, and this one feels like taking around 80-90,000 words.

Again, this is tentative, but I've worked out a rough draft of the blurb for the novel as well...

Lily Hammond is a sickly child who has never been allowed to dream. Her father, a physician and sleep researcher, has not only prevented her dreaming, but has discouraged her every instinct towards fantasy and imagination, especially when they concern her missing mother.

She’s about to find out why.

Following a mysterious and compelling song into the depths of her subconscious, Lily is plunged into a tale that spans over 200 years across the worlds of both Waking and Dreaming, in the process unveiling not only the dark history of the man who would rule the Dreaming realm but what he had to do with the disappearance of her mother.

And what he plans to do with her…


Coming soon to a Kindle app/device near you!

Coming soon to a Kindle app/device near you!

I'm also happy to share the final version of the cover for the forthcoming The Rune Painter & Other Tales, the second installment of short stories in my Singles Collection. It was a close-run thing, but in the end, your votes picked cover #6 as the winner, and the more refined version is shown here.

The Rune Painter & Other Tales will feature three short stories of dark fantasy, featuring mist-dwelling energy demons, witches, hooded and veiled huntsmen, murders both intentional and accidental, and boats blessed with the blood and souls of the departed. It will launch at 99¢ in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space, my Facebook page, or sign up for my mailing list if any of that piques your interest and you don't want to miss the release.

Finally, I wanted to remind readers that Seven: The Haunted Girl of NuLo is still on sale through Amazon's Countdown Deals program. You've still got the rest of today to save 50% and the next two days to save 25% before it returns to full price on Thursday.

Thank you to everybody who has bought the book to this point or who is helping to spread the word, and I promise to have new words (and new worlds!) for you soon...

Seven on Sale for a Limited Time

Don't have a copy of Seven: The Haunted Girl of NuLo yet? Good news! It's on sale at Amazon now, but only for a limited time, as I'll explain in a bit. Already have a copy? Now's a pretty good time to spread the word to family and friends as they can pick it up at a bargain price.

* * *

So how exactly does this work then? The Seven Kindle ebook, normally priced at $3.99, is currently on sale as part of Amazon's Countdown Deals program. The earlier you get in on the deal over the next few days, the more you'll save, as follows:

  • Friday & Saturday - sale price 99¢ (save 75%!)
  • Sunday & Monday - sale price $1.99 (save 50%!)
  • Tuesday & Wednesday - sale price $2.99 (save 25%!)

If you're going to read Seven on a Kindle or in one of the various Kindle apps (available for desktop computers and most tablets/smartphones), now is the time to buy.

If you're waiting for Seven to be available on other e-reader platforms (Kobo, Nook, iBooks, etc.), it exits the KDP Select program on Amazon next month. I'm planning to launch all subsequent work across all e-reader platforms at roughly the same time, so the long wait shouldn't be an issue going forward.

And if you've been patiently waiting for the print version, that's something I'm working on now. It's a bit of an intense and time-consuming process, but it's happening! I'm hoping to have the paperback on sale in the next month or so. Sign up for my mailing list so you don't miss the announcement.

As always, thanks for reading!