Preludes & elegies

A companion to The Dreambetween Symphony



The essential companion volume for readers of The Dreambetween Symphony

Get ready for more tales of the Dreambetween as author M.S. Hund expands his historical fantasy saga with four new stories…

  • La Chanson du Sang. An orphan boy lives in perpetual fear of his family’s legacy of madness. 
  • Reunion (Kiss Me). A family reunion inspires fear, jealousy…and hope. 
  • Howl. A man who would rather be a dog is granted his wish. 
  • Dissolution. A woman tries to save her daughter as her fragile psyche falls apart and her world collapses around her.

But that’s not all. Preludes & Elegies also contains a field guide to the world of the Dreambetween, with appendices that include…

  • Details about the history of the dreaming blood and a character index for each time period explored in the novels. 
  • Reference lists and descriptions of the various places that appear in the novels, broken down by time period. 
  • A glossary detailing the workings of the Dreambetween and translation and pronunciation guides for some of the non-English words that appear in the novels.