A Companion to The Dreambetween Symphony


Dive deeper into the world of the Dreambetween…

Preludes & Elegies is the essential companion volume for readers of the historical fantasy series, The Dreambetween Symphony. Within these pages are new tales of the Dreambetween and reference material for the series, including…

  • La Chanson du Sang. A nineteenth century orphan lives in perpetual fear of his family’s legacy of madness.
  • Reunion (Kiss Me). A family reunion of dreamers in the 1980’s inspires fear, jealousy, and hope.
  • Howl. A hunter who would rather be a hound is granted his wish.
  • Dissolution. A Regency Era noblewoman’s fragile psyche collapses as she struggles to save her daughter’s life.
  • A history of the dreaming blood and full cast of characters that appear in the series.
  • An index of places within the Dreambetween and the waking world.
  • A glossary of terms unique to the series, along with pronunciation and translation guides.