Part Three of The Dreambetween Symphony



The dream is dying, and the only one with the power to save it can no longer dream…

Ten years ago, Lily Markart lost the ability to dream and ran away from home, abandoning the only family she had ever known. Having rebuilt her life, she is on the verge of starting a new family. But without access to the Dreambetween, her body is suffering, and Lily fears she might not survive having a child, much less be able to protect a child that can dream.

Lily’s fears deepen when she learns that the dream has become a more dangerous place and that an old enemy has returned to threaten it. Now Lily must find a way to join the battle for the Dreambetween’s future. For herself. For her child. And for all who possess the dreaming blood.

Requiem is the third and final novel in The Dreambetween Symphony. This sprawling saga of history, romance, fantasy, and dreams stretches over three thousand years from prehistoric times to the modern day. It is the sequel to Song of the Severed Lord and Exile Ballad.

What would you sacrifice to save your dreams?