Part One of The Dreambetween Symphony



The dream is shared by many. And some in that multitude are monsters…

For two hundred years, the creature known as the Severed Lord has preyed upon vulnerable dreamers, expanding his influence over the Dreambetween. Now he needs one final victim, a dreamer of rare and special talents. A dreamer like Lily Markart.

But Lily’s father does not allow her to dream. Though barred from her family’s legacy, she still feels the pull of the Dreambetween and its absence from her life. When Lily defies her father’s wishes and dares to dream, she finds herself seduced by an enchanted song and drawn into the Severed Lord’s snares. To survive and to ensure the future of the Dreambetween, Lily must resist his siren call and discover the dreaming power hidden within her.

Song of the Severed Lord is the first part of The Dreambetween Symphony. This sprawling saga of history, romance, fantasy, and dreams stretches over three thousand years from prehistoric times to the modern day. The series continues with the novels Exile Ballad and Requiem.

Will you dare to dream?