The Singles Collection

A Compendium of Short Fictions


Twenty-one stories. Twenty-one worlds.

Some are close to our own. Others are less so. It begins on the frontier colony world of Abilene, where Jak and his band of retired Imperial marines hunt for a monster that killed one of their own. It ends in an alternate-history version of early 20th century Manhattan, where young Rory Donnelly has just been assigned to the Tesla cannon batteries that protect the walls of Gotham from an impending attack by the Kaiser’s runesingers and genetic monstrosities.

In these pages, M.S. Hund spins tales of short fiction that span the speculative gamut from dark fantasy and psychological horror to dystopian science fiction. Previously available in six volumes, each focused on roughly similar themes or genres, and now gathered together in one master compendium, The Singles Collection includes…

A Desolation of Grass
The Crow Hag’s Boy
Here There Be Monsters
Forgetting Leo
The Butterfly Jar
Yesterday’s War
Bale of Mars
The Rune Painter
A Fragile Circle
Speaker Bryn
A Shipbuilder’s Prayer
Stork Is Not a Name I Love
The Ballad of Slaughter Rose
Letters from Paris
The Head Washer’s Tale
The Old Blood
The Musketeer’s Prayer
The Sack of Gotham